Chronicles Of An Online Poker Player – Part Ten

In a six-seat room to walk, sit, play for about 20-30 minutes, and see up to 5 different people coming in and out. Now some of these people can come with a short stack, and lose in a few minutes and then disappear into cyberspace. These are not the people I refer to as “Iceland Hoppers me.”

I am pleased with people who speak deliberately go into a room, sit about 15-30 minutes, and then make a small amount of money, and go to the next room. This can be a good way to play, if you try your style of play will be covered. Too many amateur players will be in a room for a long time sitting and whether they win or lose, can pick up others as they play. You can lose a lot of money playing against an experienced player who knows exactly how you play. He can literally nickel and dime “you to death.

So the next time

go online to play poker, try this method and see how it goes. Drop in a room win or lose, and leave for another room. Do this for a while, and you will keep many of your opponent confused. The other good thing is that you see a lot of faces (I mean real names) of people in these areas. Start now your own homework. Create your own journal and see if you can detect errors in certain players in the poker community. Then you can start your way to filter to the top, where the big money is!